A kick-start to optimal fitness

Thinh Nguyen 

West Australian Thinh N has always worked hard at the gym, exercising in order to feel better about his body. Although he was lifting heavy weights and working out a lot, he often felt sluggish and wasn’t totally satisfied with how he looked.

When he was introduced to Isagenix, he was intrigued by what he could achieve in the 16-week IsaBody Challenge. “I decided to use the IsaBody Challenge to kick-start my motivation,” he says. “When a few friends joined at the same time, we became a bit competitive, which made it even more fun.”

While Thinh’s 16-week Challenge came at a time when he was travelling a lot interstate – and eating out – having the convenience of Isagenix products in his luggage helped keep him accountable. “Isagenix looked after me the whole time,” he shares. “It was so easy to incorporate into my life and what felt like such small changes made a big impact.”

Supplementing his diet with products form the Isagenix Energy Solution, along with IsaLean PRO, Thinh found an increased ability to gain muscle mass and reach his body fat percentage goals. “When my energy increased I started enjoying the gym more,” he recalls. “I’m now so much more confident in myself and my body.”

Complementing the IsaBody Challenge with Healthy Mid and Body is something that Thinh highly recommends. “I was surprised to find my mindset greatly improved,” he says. “Completing the Challenge and Healthy Mind and Body together was such a rewarding experience and I recommend it to anyone looking for a great community and a way to push themselves, both physically and mentally.”

What keeps Thinh coming back is the range of solutions Isagenix offers, no matter where he’s at in his body transformation journey. “Knowing that I can manipulate the program to help me achieve different body goals means that Isagenix is a life-long choice for me,” he affirms. “I feel incredible and want to maintain it for a long as I can!”