Unmotivated Mother of Two Finds Life-Transforming Solution

Tami Shervey, 

Gaining over 30 kgs during her pregnancies, Tami had lost confidence in herself. “I was a tired, stressed, overweight and extremely broke mother of three,” Tami recalls. “I had lost my mind, body and soul and I was just unhappy in every aspect of life. I’d had enough of what I saw in the mirror and while I knew there was more to life, I just didn’t know how to make things better.”

Uncertain as to how to release the excess weight, Tami was approached by her Aunty who encouraged her to try the Isagenix® system. “I thought it was just another fad diet,” admits Tammi. “I’d tried every one you could think of and none had given me long-term results.”

Feeling obligated to her aunt, Tami began using the products. ”I even went out of my way to sabotage my own results just to prove a point,” laughs Tami. Despite her best efforts to sabotage her results, Tami witnessed her body change. Her energy began to dramatically increase as did her belief in the products.

Feeling encouraged, Tami made the decision to register in the IsaBody Challenge®. “I still felt I had a lot of excess weight to release,” shares Tami. “I knew joining the Challenge would help me set more goals. The thought of taking home the Grand Prize of $10,000 also motivated me. I wanted to win.”

Half way into her IsaBody Challenge, Tami’s whole vision changed dramatically. “It became so much more than just losing excess weight and winning the money,” recalls Tami. “I was starting to show other women how to love the skin they’re in! I had a whole new purpose and drive.”

“I released a total of 35 kilograms during the Challenge and made a bunch of new, supportive and like-minded friends. I’m really just living my dream life now. I am so thankful that I was introduced to Isagenix and even more grateful that I can now share the Isa-love with anyone that’s looking to improve their health and wellness.”