Living Life to the Fullest

Claudia Tomczyk


After completing a teaching degree, Claudia T. found herself in a place of self-criticism and uncertainty. Struggling not only to accept herself but also to accept that the 9-5 grind was soon to be her ‘normal’, the 22-year-old found her usual exuberant passion for life dwindling.

When Claudia returned from an overseas holiday, she was feeling negative about her chosen career path and had also gained weight over time. “I wasn’t happy with my life,” she shares. “So I decided to focus on getting healthy again as a first step to changing it.”

Claudia’s curiosity sparked when she noticed an old friend posting photos of her physical transformation on Facebook. “I reached out and told her I was interested, however after travelling, I didn’t want to spend the money,” Claudia admits.

After several months of weighing up the pros and cons, Claudia finally purchased her first Isagenix Pack. “What convinced me was the 30-Day Guarantee,” she shares. “I knew that if it didn’t work out for me, I’d be okay. What’s incredible though, is that since I said ‘yes’, I haven’t looked back or doubted my decision for a single second! Thinking about it now, I actually regret waiting so long to get started.”

Jumping in head-first, Claudia had no idea that Isagenix would affect her entire life. It wasn’t long until friends and family began to notice a change in her. “I experienced an amazing physical transformation,” Claudia recalls, “but my mindset shifted too; people were curious about my change in demeanour as well as my appearance.”

Eager to show other people what they could achieve with Isagenix, Claudia began to share her experience with others. “My passion for life returned,” she beams. “I’ve always wanted to educate and help others, it’s why I studied teaching. I knew I needed to step up and be a true leader and role model – I just never expected I would be doing it through this platform!”

Gaining serious momentum in recent months by sharing her IsaBody Challenge® results and lifestyle through social media, Claudia says her 16-week challenge results spurred her success. “I’ve been an open book since day one of my Challenge journey,” she considers. “I decided to take part in the Challenge because when I was travelling I relaxed my eating and training routine significantly and was left feeling sluggish and tired. I’m sure so many people can relate to that and my transformation has helped people see that results are achievable.”